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About Your Donations and Sponsorship

Your donations and sponsorships are enabling us to continue to provide our community organising training and other services free to individuals, students and groups, who otherwise would not have afforded them. Thank you.


Below is an overview of what your donation(s) and sponsorships are helping us to achieve:


  • Promote education, sports, good leadership, life skills development, vocational training and apprenticeship.

  • Encourage and support co-operative/social entrepreneurship and community-led initiatives.

  • Promote self-reliance by helping people set-up new businesses, acquire life skills and training, etc.

  • Recruit and train community organisers, volunteers and aid workers.

  • Encourage self-employment through our entrepreneurship and self-employment workshops.

  • Alleviating poverty and help reduce mass migration and human trafficking.

  • Provide career guidance and employment opportunities.

  • Covid-19 pandemic's palliatives and relief, etc.


Note: There will be a published list of all our funders and donors on our website, social and printed media showing donors names and levels of sponsorship. Please let us know if you do not wish to appear on this list.

If you leave contact details with your donation, we would also provide you with an update on what we have achieved with your donation(s).


Thank you for choosing us and your continued support.

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